Your Personal Early Warning System


Would you like to be able to see into the future? Get warned before something goes wrong?

Imagine having your own personal IT Guru, watching over your computer, making sure everything is running smoothly…well now you can!

Utilising state of the art techniques, UKtech can monitor your computer and warn you of any impending issues. Things like imminent disk failure, overheating, viruses, high processor loads – there are literally hundreds of monitoring options – but don’t worry, we will configure these for you, if you prefer, at no extra cost.

It’s fully automatic and alerts you via email or SMS – direct to your mobile phone.

Additionally we can also manage your machine for you, updating and securing your machine with the latest operating system patches and hotfixes. We also include disk de-fragmentation and disk health checks, malware, spyware and system performance monitoring in this service.

Business users can opt for a whole raft of monitoring options: website / performance / auditing / uptime / SQL / server processes etc.

Starting at £5 per month per computer – total peace of mind has never been this easy – or this affordable!

Home users click here for full details

Bussiness users click here for full details

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