Windows XP is Dead – What Now?


Well, actually Windows XP isn’t dead…

Yes, ok, so Microsoft has stopped support for this product – but that doesn’t mean you have to go out and upgrade, immediately. Lots of stories abound regarding the security issues of running unpatched software, but, really, armageddon isn’t going to happen imminently. The best solution for current Windows XP users would be to take stock of their current situation – i.e. make a list of all the hardware and applications you use – the ones that are important and ‘can’t live without’. Why?

Every application and piece of hardware is designed to run on a specific set of operating systems

If you run out and buy Windows 8, for example, some of these applications or devices might not work on the new operating system. You then have to work out how much, upgrading all the non compatible ‘stuff’ is going to cost. And this assumes your current PC can run the new operating system… Let’s not forget the hardware either: your printer, scanner, webcam, camera etc – if you have had these for any length of time, you may find out that these won’t work either. I can remember when I moved from Windows XP, years ago, I had to give my webcam away because the manufacturer didn’t supply updated driver software: there was simply no way I could get it to work.

Every time Microsoft releases a new operating system, it’s a bonanza for every associated business

So, the moral of this story is, yes, you do need to replace Windows XP with something else, as time goes on the security issues will become a problem. I just wouldn’t rush into it – you still have plenty of time to make an informed decision, rather than simply jumping out of the frying pan…

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