Why do I need a backup?

But I don’t need to back up anything This was the cry from a recent customer, when I asked if they had a backup –  they hadn’t – which was why I attended the site in the fist place – to recover their ‘lost’ data! If you need data recovery or backup services, just contact […]

How To Backup Your Computer

Another day another backup! There is so much mystery, confusion and downright misinformation regarding home computer backups, I felt the need to write an overview of how to do it properly. It has been said that the world is divided into two groups – those that backup and those that will.

Monster Backup Software Review!

Update! After further (almost!) exhaustive testing comes round 2 of this review. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find one single piece of software that covers the minimum requirements listed below – with the cavet that this review is aimed toward home users – not corporate environments. If you have several thousand to spend […]

GFI Backup

I am currently trailing GFI BAckup – which is free – against the all-conquering Genie Backup Manager (commercial), which has to be almost the defacto standard in home backup: I have yet to find a more complete system than GBM. However, my findings so far regarding the GFI offering: GFI Backup is outstanding! It’s a […]

Is de-duplication the backup saviour?

Well, humm. It’s certainly the way to go – removing all the duplicated data before you backup, will certainly reduce the ever increasing burden. However, I am currently trying a devastatingly efficient method of reducing data volumes – one which even most large businesses fail to use.