World Backup Day !

I really couldn’t dismiss World Backup Day without saying something? Could I? A lifelong backup evangelist, I have been encouraging anybody and everybody to backup their computer, which, alas, they invariably fail to do. As a consequence, this very day, I am valiantly trying to recover over 60GB of irreplaceable family photos, for a customer who has […]

How to Crack Passwords!

Or why you should stop using them… Ok. I admit – I lied. I’m not going to tell you how to crack passwords – I do have scruples! But you should stop using them – read on of you want to know why.

How to Stop Your Computer Killing You!

Yes folks, it’s true. As you sit at the keyboard, slogging away at all those important tasks, your computer is quietly killing you off. If you don’t want to go the way of the Dodo or crumble to dust like the Sphinx, read on…

The Rise Of Ransomware

Not long ago I wrote about the awful Cryptolocker and Zeus viruses. Today I’m reading that the threat has already reached Android users…only a few days later. This highlights the fact that antivirus software is fundamentally flawed

Stop Criminals Now!

Recent TV news articles, have prompted me to help you put out the fire – and stop criminals holding you to ransom – for large sums of money.