What Intel and AMD don’t want you to know!

Basically, CPU power is now way beyond what most people require – if your machine is too slow, you probably have one or more of the following issues: ~ A virus/spyware/malware infection ~ Too much loading at startup ~ A hard disk, instead of a solid state hard disk

Why do I need a backup?

But I don’t need to back up anything This was the cry from a recent customer, when I asked if they had a backup –  they hadn’t – which was why I attended the site in the fist place – to recover their ‘lost’ data! If you need data recovery or backup services, just contact […]

Monster Backup Software Review!

Update! After further (almost!) exhaustive testing comes round 2 of this review. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find one single piece of software that covers the minimum requirements listed below – with the cavet that this review is aimed toward home users – not corporate environments. If you have several thousand to spend […]