The Rise Of Ransomware

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Not long ago I wrote about the awful Cryptolocker and Zeus viruses. Today I’m reading that the threat has already reached Android users…only a few days later.

This highlights the fact that antivirus software is fundamentally flawed

Many of these ‘security’ products tend to give a false sense of security, and so I thought it necessary to amplify a reality, often missing from the sales blurb.

All AV software is reactive.

I.e. the threat has to have been discovered and understood by the software company, before it can issue an update to their product. If you are one of the unfortunate people, who ‘discovers’ the virus before the security company – you’re toast.

I’m not saying don’t use AV software – you should use AV software and make sure it’s set to automatically update, but make sure you fully understand that it only protects against known threats.

Learning about IT security, and implementing best current practices is the way to go – because let’s not forget – the landscape changes over time.

What is a good policy today may become irrelevant tomorrow.




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