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The world appears to think, that good security is simply a big lock – the bigger and more expensive the better.

Actually, this is rubbish

I am a keen cyclist, and can honestly say that virtually no padlock can survive an attack from an angle grinder:

grinder sml

Ok, I know they are noisy and mains powered…but they now make small, battery operated ones….and lets not forget the humble bolt cutter either.

£10 from Ebay and you ‘own’ almost every padlock ever made.


It’s the same with computer security, bigger and more expensive isn’t necessarily the best.

So, lets get to the point: certain computer practices are very high risk: not installing a firewall and antivirus, visiting some websites and even just installing software can be bad. So follow our simple steps below to help overcome the security nightmare.

Increase your security immediately and without spending a thing

Five Easy Steps for Better Security

  • Always use strong passwords. How? Read this.
  • Ensure Windows Firewall is switched ‘on’ or install a free alternative, like Comodo.
  • Install Antivirus software, like Avast or Avira
  • Use automated backup software. Then backup. Then test your backup.
  • Make sure automatic updates are turned on for operating systems and application suites, firewalls, antivirus etc.

For a more detailed look at computer security and how to avoid becoming a target, check out our free self help guides at UKtech


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