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Lets face it, Remote Management is hardly something to have a party about. But it should be…

What is Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)?

  • It’s the ‘thing’ that’s got your back…
  • It’s the friend that tells you something’s wrong – before your customers do…
  • It’s not having to repeatedly check everything, everyday…

It’s freedom – to get on with the important things…

UKtech provides secure, remote monitoring in ‘real time’¬†of your computer systems – which can alert you to any issues, before they become critical.

Alerts go straight to you or your employees mobile phone / desktop / laptop etc.

There is a huge list of items you can monitor – from processor load, service failures, web server availability, hard disk space to hot-fix patching and virus updates – it’s limited only by imagination.

Additionally, we can manage these systems for you – for total peace of mind – secure in the knowledge that a solution is already under way – without you having to do a thing. We keep you appraised of any major situation that arises, but won’t worry you with constant calls for low priority, non business impacting issues.

You can just relax and concentrate on your business

  • Technicians advise and setup everything for you
  • Simple service plans
  • No lock in – start or cancel at any time – without obligation
  • Changes to the service are free – change the setup as often as you like
  • Pay monthly or yearly – with discounts

Why not call us for advice on implementing RMM in your business? It’s so easy and gives real peace of mind.

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