iPhone Users Everywhere Should Read This!

I was getting rather tired of hearing from iPhone fans the other day, so just wondered what the rest of the world thought of iPhones…


Yes, they are really nice devices. Great design, ergonomics and operating system.

But they are also very expensive.

 They have become the shining jewelry of the tech world Рoffering very little else

I’m not saying they aren’t a good product, but like ¬£10,000 Gucci handbags, I think they have had their day.


Simply because, spending huge sums of money on a gadget with a lifespan of only a few years, is a huge waste of resource. I spent less than the cost of an iPhone on my bicycle – which has lasted more than a decade and keeps me fit and healthy as a by product.


So, in conclusion, iPhones are great and really useful.


We just don’t need to evangelise and put them on some enormous aspirational altar.



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