The web needs synchronicity

Today I decided to share a file with a mate, fine.

So what’s the trouble with that?

I’m working from home today and the file was just over 1 GB – my fantastically fast cable connection should have no problem. But like everything else in life, this cheap(ish) solution comes at a price – 512K uploads – if your lucky. So this file is going to take all day to upload.

ADrive / MSN / Dropbox – or any online space really needs DSL synchronicity.

To get the most out of the internet, we really need the global networks to increase the upload speeds to achieve parity or at least get close to, download speeds, in the household. 10Mb/s download speeds are fine for almost anything – any delays are perfectly acceptable, but Kb/s upload speeds are hopeless.

As the web becomes an ever more collaborative workspace, something has to happen to upload speeds to make it usable.

We’re nearly getting there – online office applications, authoring tools, image editing, lifestyle management and communications, synchronizing and backup facilities. The sheer volume of what’s available as an ‘online’ application is staggering, it’s just a shame that you have to be on a fast corporate network to make use of it.

Today, ADrive are advertising 50GB of free online storage – wouldn’t it be fantastic to actually be able to use it?

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