Kruptos saves the day!

Keeping all my data safe from thieves and vagabonds has been interesting, to say the least, for a number of years now. Generally, TrueCrypt has been the defacto standard for file and folder encryption, for free.

However, I have been looking at a new (to me), encryption program called “Kruptos 2”, which solves a problem the mighty TrueCrypt can’t handle:

Totally self contained and self decrypting archives!

Kruptos 2 has the ability to turn a file into a self decrypting archive, which can be used on machines that do not have Kruptos installed.

Thus, you can create a truly portable ‘secret file’ which can be unencrypted on the fly – without having to install Kruptos on the host machine – fantastic!

Only time will tell if this app catches on but previously the only thing close, was Steganos ‘Locknote’ – which only delt with text files – Kruptos deals with any file type. Though not free, $9 is a really small fee for this type of functionality – and with a month to try it out for free, you can’t really lose!

Check them out at

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