How To Look After Your PC

You do clean your computer, right?

Most folk don’t realise that their PC is really just an air filtration unit! PC’s suck dusty air inside the machine, where it collects, mainly, on the motherboard and inside the power supply.

You might think your house is way too clean for this to happen – but the ‘dust’ I’m talking about here is too fine to see. But over time, it will accumulate inside your machine – desktop or laptop – it really doesn’t matter.

Why should I care?

Because this dust will in all likelihood kill your computer. It’s very simple – the dust accumulates stopping the machine from cooling properly and something overheats and dies.

Usually this is the power supply first.

You can slow down this problem easily by regular use of the hoover – and the small brush attachment:

  • Switch the machine off
  • Hoover the power grill lightly
  • Hoover the keyboard carefully
  • Remove and hoover any PC case ‘filter units’

Job done!

It may not be much, but it will certainly help to prolong the life of your machine / keyboard


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    1. Thanks, I am hoping to be more consistent from now on – had ‘some work’ to clear up first, which was taking all my time!

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