I currently own and run UKtech – my computer support business, providing remote monitoring and management services and/or solving peoples IT problems – at their home or business.

This allows my customers to get on with doing the important things in life – and let us ensure your data is safe, computers run smoothly and are maintained professionally.

My blog is focused on daily experiences in IT – with a view to helping others understand this ever-changing technology, in a straightforward, jargon free manner. Reflecting on the current trends in computing and offering advice, sharing experiences and hopefully learning something new.

I am interested in everything, but have to confine my own pursuits to photography, cabinetmaking and cycling – just to ensure there’s time to get things done!

Donations Welcome


This website takes a great deal of work to maintain and update – and is provided free for all readers. There are no advertising, flashing links, video or other marketing ploys and as such I believe it makes this blog all the better.

Any small donation is always welcome, as it makes a direct contribution to keeping this blog alive and advertising free!

If any comment or content on this blog offends, please contact me and I will remove/modify immediately.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Tim,
    You’ve got to give me more than this! How about a few more morsels?

    Guess I’ll just have to check out your LinkedIn profile.

    By the way, have you set up a google alert on your name to see whether it’s used in vain? Just a thot.

    1. Thanks for the link – I will reciprocate when I have my blog up and running properly – at the moment there is much to do!

      As for backups, of the freebies, it’s really hard to beat both Areca and GFI – they have different strengths and weaknesses. Commercial (but cheap), would still be Genie Backup Manager – if (like me!) you must have all the bells and whistles.

  2. Wey-hey! Lost your contact details and Google came to my aid (as always). Good to see you’re blogging old chap. Must re-connect soon. 😀

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